A Fine Set Of Products For Your Productivity

Just One Page PDF

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save the entire webpage as a one-page PDF.

  1. one-page PDF for entire webpage
  2. multiple-page PDF for entire webpage
  3. support custom paper size, eg. window size, A4, A3, Letter and so on.
  4. screenshot, but PDF format.
  5. export PDF with multiple tabs at one time

Save PDF with outline

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Save any web page (full page or partial selection ) as a beautiful PDF with cover, outline and table of contents.

  1. Save as a outline's PDF
  2. Easily remove elements (eg: annoying ads) what you don't want
  3. Print preview
  4. Change font and font-size
  5. Readability

Cleanly Print

Install Extension

Select what you want print the part area of the page, and remove annoying elements, then print a clean PDF.

  • simple and easy, just select what you want, and delete what you do not wish to, then print.